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Category: IDF

Reflecting on 2016

The beginning of a new year is a good time to look back on the previous 12 months and take stock of everything that happened. Here’s a quick recap of a very busy year: In 2016, the XPRTs travelled quite a bit. Eric went to CES in Las Vegas, Mark attended MWC in Barcelona, and Bill [...]

Seeing the future

Back in April we wrote about how Bill’s trip to IDF16 in Shenzhen got us thinking about future benchmarks. Technologies like virtual reality, the Internet of things, and computer vision are going to open up lots of new applications. Yesterday I saw an amazing article that talked about an automatic computer vision system that is [...]

Looking ahead

It’s only been a couple of weeks since we announced a cross-platform XPRT. It’s still early days, but we’ve already started getting ideas from vendors and media—from both people within the community and those who have not yet joined. We’re incorporating these ideas into our investigations, and plan to be sending a design document for [...]

IDF16 Shenzhen

I just spent the last couple of days at IDF16 Shenzhen. It was a great opportunity to talk to folks about the XPRTs, see some future technology demos, and think about the future of the XPRTs. The technology and product demos included lots of interesting technology. I saw everything from the latest computers to games [...]

Explaining the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community

Over the last year, I’ve spoken about the XPRT benchmarks with people across America, in China (at IDF Shenzhen), and in Europe (at Mobile World Congress). I regularly found myself having to explain how the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community works. While I was glad to do so, I found myself wishing that the many people I [...]

The XPRTs at IDF15 Shenzhen

We recently traveled to Shenzhen, China to anchor Principled Technologies’ booth in the IDF15 Shenzhen technology showcase. Over 60 companies set up displays to interact with approximately 2,000 attendees, and it was a great opportunity for us to connect with innovators in one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the world. We spent most of [...]

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