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The XPRTs are benchmark apps that help you see how different devices will really perform for you.

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The BenchmarkXPRT Development Community provides registered members with the opportunity to contribute to the process of creating and improving the XPRTs – benchmark apps that measure how well PCs, tablets, and smartphones handle everyday tasks. The XPRTs empower people all over the world to know how well their gear handles workloads like editing photos, playing movies, and browsing the Web.

We encourage you to participate in the evolution of the XPRTs. Our diverse community includes over 75 corporations and organizations representing major PC, tablet, and smartphone manufacturers, chip vendors, and tech press leaders. Members can run the full XPRT family, take part in previews of new benchmarks, and access the source code. Add your voice to the XPRT mix.

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The XPRT benchmarks are constantly evolving. Get the latest announcements about the XPRT family right here.

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Principled Technologies brings its technical prowess to the XPRT family with these informative, fact-based white papers. Read them here.

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We periodically hold Webinars to inform members about what's going on in the BenchmarkXPRT community. Visit our Webinars archive.