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Explaining the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community

Over the last year, I’ve spoken about the XPRT benchmarks with people across America, in China (at IDF Shenzhen), and in Europe (at Mobile World Congress). I regularly found myself having to explain how the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community works. While I was glad to do so, I found myself wishing that the many people I wasn’t able to talk with could also learn about how the community works.

To help make that happen, we’ve developed a simple and engaging video. My (admittedly prejudiced) opinion is that it does a great job of explaining how the community works in less than two minutes. That’s a lot faster than I was able to explain it to folks!

We hope you enjoy the video. And we hope you’ll pass it along to other folks who aren’t already part of the community so they can learn how it works and hopefully be persuaded to join us. Thanks!


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