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VR Demo: NC State University students bring virtual reality to the XPRTs

PT sponsored another senior project at North Carolina State University’s Computer Science Senior Design Center. This time, PT asked a team of four talented students to build a prototype virtual-reality evaluation workload.

Advances in technology are taking us further than we have ever gone before

The XPRTs are always looking for new voices to help us find effective ways to show buyers exactly how the notebooks, phones, TVs, tablets, or gaming systems they’re interested in handle the latest cutting-edge technologies.

A new VR experience

In this case, the NC State students created a virtual reality prototype workload based on a room escape scenario. They developed the workload for use on Android devices in combination with Google Cardboard VR viewers. The workload shows how well different devices handle VR workloads. The team finished work on the virtual reality assessment workload, called VR Demo, at the end of the Fall 2016 semester.

Community members can download the demo and dig into the technical details here (member login required).

NOTE: The VR Demo is experimental and is not intended for use in productive testing. Please do not use it for product comparisons.

The BenchmarkXPRT Development Community and PT would like to thank the NC State University Computer Science Department Senior Design Center team members:

Shon Ferguson, Grayson Jones, Greg Manning, and Christian McCurdy.

Special thanks to the NC State mentors that facilitated this process:

Ms. Margaret Heil, Director, Senior Design Center
Dr. Lina Battestilli, Technical Advisor, Senior Design Center

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