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Lots of things are happening!

The WebXPRT 2015 community preview hasn’t even been out two weeks yet, but there are already hundreds of runs in the database. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is a good time! (login required)

As I mentioned last week, Bill and Justin are at Intel Developer Forum 2015 – Shenzhen. Here’s their home away from home this week.


Bill and Justin have been having a lot of good conversations and have found a lot of interest in an open development community. We’re looking forward to having even more members in Asia soon!

On Monday we released the CrXPRT white paper. If you want to know more about the concepts behind CrXPRT 2015, how it was developed, how the results are calculated, or anything else about CrXPRT, the white paper is a great place to start.
Finally, the MobileXPRT 2015 design document is coming in the next couple of weeks. What would you like to see in the next version of MobileXPRT? 64-bit support? New types of tests? Improvements to the UI? Everything is on the table. This is the time to make your voice heard!

A couple of things

We’ve heard about a couple of issues this week. The HDXPRT 2014 Convert Videos test uses the MediaEspresso application and requires hardware acceleration be configured. On some systems, this setting is not configuring automatically, which may result in lower scores. We’re working on a solution, but in the meantime there’s an easy workaround.

We’ve also found that some Chromebooks report extremely low battery use, as low as 0%, for the first couple iterations of the CrXPRT battery life test. This can cause CrXPRT to report results with a very wide confidence interval, with an interval greater than 15%. We’re looking at ways to detect and compensate for this. However, if you see results with a very wide confidence interval, we recommend that you use the rundown test.

In other news, we’ve been talking about Intel Developer Forum 2015 – Shenzhen for weeks, and the time is finally here! Bill and Justin get on the plane tomorrow. If you’d like to talk about the XPRTs, or any of PT’s other offerings, Bill and the team would be happy to meet with you!


Getting closer

Mobile World Congress ended last week. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you know that Bill had some really good meetings while he was there. That’s not to say that Bill didn’t have some fun too!

Bill MWC

Next, we go to Intel Developer Forum 2015 – Shenzhen!

While Bill has been out of the country, we’ve been continuing to work on WebXPRT 2015. We’ve talked before about some of the improvements the new WebXPRT: new and more-demanding tests, on-screen descriptions of the tests, a progress indicator, and more. We’ve also given the UI a sleeker, more modern look. Also, WebXPRT 2015 will be the second XPRT to include a Chinese UI.

WebXPRT '15 screenshot

Testing has been going well. We have a few final tweaks to make but are expecting to release the community preview for WebXPRT 2015 in the next week or two. We’re really excited! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


Welcome to 2015

Happy 2015! We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season. I certainly did.

Back at the beginning of December, we talked about an intermittent problem that BatteryXPRT was having on the Nexus 9. We fixed the problem shortly after that, but delayed the release to test it on Android 5.01. The testing is complete, and we’ll be releasing BatteryXPRT 2014 v102 next week. As before, it will be available from Google Play and from the page.

In the last blog post, we recapped come of the highlights of 2014. Moving forward into 2015, WebXPRT 2015 is in development and we’re thinking ahead to the next version of MobileXPRT.  We’ll be at Mobile World Congress in March, and at IDF China in April. We’ll tell you about our plans for those conferences over the next few weeks. If you’re planning to be at either of those shows, let us know! We’d love to talk to you.

We’re also planning some exciting new things in 2015. We can’t talk about them yet, but, personally, I can’t wait!

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!


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