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Measure the performance of modern, cloud-first applications

CloudXPRT is a cloud benchmark that can accurately measure the performance of modern, cloud-first applications deployed on modern infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms, whether those platforms are paired with on-premises (datacenter), private cloud, or public cloud deployments. Regardless of where clouds reside, applications are increasingly using them in latency-critical, highly available, and high-compute scenarios.


  • Is relevant to on-prem (datacenter), private, and public cloud deployments
  • Runs on top of cloud platform software such as Kubernetes and Docker
  • Supports multi-tier workloads
  • Reports relevant metrics including both throughput and critical latency for responsiveness-driven applications and maximum throughput for applications dependent on batch processing

CloudXPRT’s workloads use cloud-native components on an actual stack to provide end-to-end performance metrics that allow users to choose the best IaaS configuration for their business.

Getting started with CloudXPRT

The CloudXPRT download table provides individual workload installation packages for both on-premises and off-premises (AWS/Azure/GCP) testing.

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Choose the best IaaS configuration for your business with CloudXPRT

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