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Category: computer vision

Understanding the basics of AIXPRT precision settings

A few weeks ago, we discussed one of AIXPRT’s key configuration variables, batch size. Today, we’re discussing another key variable: the level of precision. In the context of machine learning (ML) inference, the level of precision refers to the computer number format (FP32, FP16, or INT8) representing the weights (parameters) a network model uses when [...]

Machine learning performance tool update

Earlier this year we started talking about our efforts to develop a tool to help in evaluating machine learning performance. We’ve given some updates since then, but we’ve also gotten some questions, so I thought I’d do my best to summarize our answers for everyone. Some have asked what kinds of algorithms we’ve been looking [...]

Thoughts from MWC Shanghai

I’ve spent the last couple days walking the exhibition halls of MWC Shanghai. The Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) is large, but smaller than the MWC exhibit space in Barcelona or the set of exhibit halls in Las Vegas for CES. (SNIEC is not even the biggest exhibition space in Shanghai!) Further, MWC here [...]

Evaluating machine learning performance

A  few weeks ago, I discussed the rising importance of machine learning and our efforts to develop a tool to help in evaluating its performance. Here is an update on our thinking. One thing we are sure of is that we can’t cover everything in machine learning. The field is evolving rapidly, so we think [...]

Learning about machine learning

Everywhere we look, machine learning is in the news. It’s driving cars and beating the world’s best Go players. Whether we are aware of it or not, it’s in our lives–understanding our voices and identifying our pictures. Our goal of being able to measure the performance of hardware and software that does machine learning seems [...]


I’m old enough that I’ve never really understood the whole selfie thing. However, it’s clearly never going away, and I’m fascinated–although a little creeped out–by the development of selfie drones. It’s amazing that we have so quickly reached the point where you can buy a drone that will literally fit in your pocket. As an [...]

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