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Principled Technologies periodically conducts webinars for the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community to keep the community up to date with the ongoing evolution of the XPRTs. You can view previous Webinars below.

2013 Webinars

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    BenchmarkXPRT 2013

    Bill Catchings & Eric Hale

    January 2013

    The first webinar in our 2013 series. Watch

Previous years:

2012 2011


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    HDXPRT 2012

    Bill Catchings

    September 2012

    This webinar discusses what’s new in HDXPRT 2012, the results of the first HDXPRT scaling tests, and HXDPRT 2012’s support for Windows 8. Watch


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    HDXPRT 2011 Beta

    Mark Van Name

    April 2011

    The first webinar in our 2011 series discusses the background, design goals and development process of HDXPRT 2011 in preparation for Beta testing of the benchmark. Watch

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    Towards HDXPRT 2012

    Bill Catchings

    October 2011

    The second webinar in our 2011 series, Bill Catchings covers progress in the HDXPRT development community in 2011 and details the development lifecycle and timeline for HDXPRT 2012. Watch

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