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Nebula Wolf: NC State University students help level up the XPRTs

PT reached out to North Carolina State University and sponsored a senior project at the university’s Computer Science Senior Design Center. PT asked the team of three talented seniors to build a workload that reflected their interests.

Ideas that matter

The best way to make sure the XPRTs reflect real-world device usage is by soliciting input from diverse sources and exploring new ways to develop workloads, so PT reached out to young adults to see what mattered to them.

A mini-game is born

The students chose to create a mini-game that shows how well different devices handle gaming workloads. This team delivered a working game, called Nebula Wolf, at the end of the Fall 2015 semester.

Community members can see the game in action and dig into the technical details here (member login required).

The BenchmarkXPRT Development Community and PT would like to thank the North Carolina State University Computer Science Department Senior Design Center team members:

Rachel Ashburn, art & design
Brien Croft, enemy & automation coder
AJ Smith, team leader & code pioneer

Special thanks to the NC State mentors that facilitated this process:

Ms. Margaret Heil, Director, Senior Design Center
Dr. David Sturgill, Technical Advisor, Senior Design Center

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