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Category: Apple

The 2019 XPRT Spotlight Back-to-School Roundup

With the new school year approaching, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just published our fourth annual XPRT Spotlight Back-to-School Roundup! The Roundup allows shoppers to view side-by-side comparisons of XPRT test scores and hardware specs from some of this year’s most popular Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, and convertibles. After testing the devices in our lab using [...]

Find the perfect tech gift with the XPRT Spotlight Black Friday Showcase

With the biggest shopping day of the year fast approaching, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the sea of tech gifts to choose from. Luckily, the XPRTs are here to help. We’ve gathered the product specs and performance facts for the hottest tech devices in one convenient place—the XPRT Spotlight Black Friday Showcase. This free [...]

Tracking device evolution with WebXPRT ’15, part 2

Last week, we used the Apple iPhone as a test case to show how hardware advances are often reflected in benchmark scores over time. When we compared WebXPRT 2015 scores for various iPhone models, we saw a clear trend of progressively higher scores as we moved from phones with an A7 chip to phones with [...]

Tracking device evolution with WebXPRT ‘15

The XPRT Spotlight on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus gives us a great opportunity to look at the progression of WebXPRT 2015 scores for the iPhone line and see how hardware and software advances are often reflected in benchmark scores over time. This week, we’ll see how the evolution of Apple’s mobile CPU architecture has [...]

XPRT Spotlight: making it happen

This week’s XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight features the Apple iPhone 7, one of the bigger launches in a year of relatively few big phone releases. We like to feature a wide array of devices in Spotlight, but events like the iPhone 7 launch are good opportunities for us to provide quick data for buyers who [...]

Doing things a little differently

I enjoyed watching the Apple Event live yesterday. There were some very impressive announcements. (And a few which were not so impressive – the Breathe app would get on my nerves really fast!) One thing that I was very impressed by was the ability of the iPhone 7 Plus camera to create depth-of-field effects. Some [...]

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