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Check out the new XPRTs around the world infographic!

If you’ve followed the XPRT blog for a while, you know that we occasionally update the community on some of the reach metrics we track by publishing a new version of the “XPRTs around the world” infographic. The metrics we track include completed test runs, benchmark downloads, and mentions of the XPRTs in advertisements, articles, [...]

Apples and pears vs. oranges and bananas

When people talk about comparing disparate things, they often say that you’re comparing apples and oranges. However, sometimes that expression doesn’t begin to describe the situation. Recently, Justin wrote about using CrXPRT on systems running Neverware CloudReady OS. In that post, he noted that we couldn’t guarantee that using CrXPRT on CloudReady and Chrome OS [...]

Digging deeper

From time to time, we like to revisit the fundamentals of the XPRT approach to benchmark development. Today, we’re discussing the need for testers and benchmark developers to consider the multiple factors that influence benchmark results. For every device we test, all of its hardware and software components have the potential to affect performance, and [...]

Another great year

A lot of great stuff happened this year! In addition to releasing new versions of the benchmarks, videos, infographics, and white papers, we released our first-ever German UI and sponsored our first student partnership at North Carolina State University. We visited three continents to promote the XPRTs and saw XPRT results published in six of [...]

What makes a good benchmark?

As we discussed recently, we’re working on the design document for the next version of MobileXPRT, and we’re really interested in any ideas you may have. However, we haven’t talked much about what makes for a good benchmark test. The things we measure need to be quantifiable. A reviewer can talk about the realism of [...]

Staying out in the open

Back in July, Anandtech publicized some research about possible benchmark optimizations in the Galaxy S4. Yesterday, Anandtech published a much more comprehensive article, “The State of Cheating in Android Benchmarks.” It’s well worth the read. Anandtech doesn’t accuse any of the benchmarks of being biased—it’s the OEMS who are supposedly doing the optimizations. I will [...]

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