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Answering questions about the AIXPRT Community Preview

Over the last two weeks, we’ve received a few questions about the AIXPRT Community Preview. Specifically, community members have asked about the project’s focus, possible future steps, and the results table. We decided to answer each of these here in the blog, since others are likely to have the same questions. We encourage folks to [...]

Preparing for the AIXPRT Community Preview

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the AIXPRT Request for Comments (RFC) preview build. Next week, we’re planning to publish the AIXPRT Community Preview (CP). The AIXPRT CP build includes support for the Intel OpenVINO, TensorFlow (CPU and GPU), and TensorFlow with NVIDIA TensorRT toolkits to run image-classification workloads with ResNet-50 and SSD-MobileNet v1 networks. The test [...]

CrXPRT helps to navigate the changing Chromebook market

Some people envision Chromebooks as low-end, plastic-shelled laptops that large organizations buy in bulk because they’re inexpensive and easy to manage. While many sub-$200 Chromebooks are still available, the platform is no longer limited to budget chipsets and little memory. Consumers can now choose systems that feature up to 16 GB of RAM, 8th generation [...]

How to automate WebXPRT 3 testing

Yesterday, we published the WebXPRT 3 release notes, which contain instructions on how to run the benchmark, submit results, and use automation to run the tests. Test automation is a helpful feature that lets you use scripts to run WebXPRT 3 and to control specific test parameters. Below, you’ll find a description of those parameters [...]

A look back at 2017

At the beginning of each new year, we like to look back on the previous 12 months and review everything that we accomplished. Here’s a quick recap of an eventful 2017 for the XPRTs: We continued our tradition of travelling to the world’s biggest tech expos. Bill went to CES in Las Vegas and MWC Shanghai, [...]

Gearing up for a busy year ahead

We hope everyone’s 2018 kicked off on a happy note, and you’re starting the year rested, refreshed, and inspired. Here at the XPRTs, we already have a busy slate of activity lined up, and we want to share a quick preview of what community members can expect in the coming months. Next week, I’ll be [...]

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