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Category: Press Releases

The XPRT Spotlight Black Friday Showcase helps buyers find the perfect gift

Durham, NC—Principled Technologies unwrapped a free holiday shopping tool that gives consumers side-by-side comparisons of the season’s most coveted smartphones, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and PCs. The XPRT Spotlight Black Friday Showcase helps shoppers find the perfect gift by gathering the product and performance facts they need in one convenient place. Principled Technologies tests the devices [...]

WebXPRT delivers over 100,000 real-world results

DURHAM, NC–(Marketwired – October 05, 2016) – Today, Principled Technologies (PT) announced that the popular WebXPRT tool recently crossed a milestone of 100,000 total runs. WebXPRT lets users everywhere compare the performance of any web-enabled device—from iPad tablets to Android phones to Windows computers. Manufacturers, developers, consumers, and media outlets in more than 358 cities [...]

XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight Shines on the Apple iPhone 7

DURHAM, NC–(Marketwired – September 21, 2016) - Today, Principled Technologies (PT) released performance results for the Apple iPhone 7 on the XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight. The iPhone 7 is one of this year’s most anticipated new smartphones. The Apple iPhone 7, released on September 16, combines the new Apple A10 Fusion processor, 2 GB of RAM, [...]

New device shopping tool helps consumers make smarter buying choices

Durham, NC—The Benchmark XPRT Development Community has launched a shopping tool that includes side-by-side comparisons of today’s leading devices. The tool is part of the XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight’s Back to School Roundup, which highlights leading devices and helps families and students choose the right tools for their educational needs. The tool lets buyers compare [...]

Principled Technologies releases first video series, “Women Coding for Change”

DURHAM, NC–(Marketwired – July 07, 2016) - Principled Technologies (PT), which administers the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community, is releasing its first video series, “Women Coding for Change.” The series tells the stories of the XPRT Women Code-a-thon, which the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community co-hosted with ChickTech Seattle in March 2016. These videos shed light on the gender disparity [...]

BenchmarkXPRT Development Community releases the “Exploring TouchXPRT 2016” white paper

Durham, NC, March 28 – The BenchmarkXPRT Development Community, administered by Principled Technologies (PT), is pleased to announce the release of the “Exploring TouchXPRT 2016” white paper. The white paper discusses the details of the TouchXPRT 2016 benchmark, including the development process, new features, descriptions of its component tests and workloads, and how the benchmark [...]

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