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Make sure your voice is heard

One thing about the community model we use for developing HDXPRT is that is depends on the community. Your input is essential to making the benchmark the best it can be. As the community grows, we’re learning more about your priorities. During the development of HDXPRT 2012, we made the decision to remove the playback [...]

Working towards Windows 8

This past Wednesday, Bill hosted a Webinar to discuss HDXPRT 2012. He covered a lot of material. We’ll make a recording of it available on the site fairly soon. During the Webinar, Bill mentioned that we’re working on a patch to let HDXPRT run on Windows 8. We have begun testing this patch. However, given [...]

TouchXPRT update

We have been spending a lot of our energy (and blog space) on HDXPRT 2012 over the last few weeks. We have not, however, forgotten about TouchXPRT. As we discussed in the past, TouchXPRT will be a new benchmark designed for touch-based devices like tablets and touch-capable Ultrabooks. It will incorporate apps and scenarios tailored [...]

Real performance for real people

As you know by now, HDXPRT 2012 uses real commercial applications and realistic workloads to evaluate PC performance. We believe this approach, where we used the same software you do, and used it to do the same types of work you do, was the best way to relate a PC’s performance to the experience you’ll [...]

Discussing the future

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, we’ve begun the HDXPRT 2012 development cycle by asking for suggestions. Before we get much further in the process, we’d like an opportunity to talk with you more directly. The best way to do that is via a webinar. I’ll be hosting an HDXPRT webinar this coming Friday, [...]

Sneak peak at the HDXPRT 2011 results white paper

After spending weeks testing different configurations with HDXPRT 2011, we are putting the final touches on a white paper detailing the results. I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at some of the things the tests revealed about the characteristics of HDXPRT 2011. As I explained last week, trying to understand the characteristics of [...]

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