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TouchXPRT update

We have been spending a lot of our energy (and blog space) on HDXPRT 2012 over the last few weeks. We have not, however, forgotten about TouchXPRT.

As we discussed in the past, TouchXPRT will be a new benchmark designed for touch-based devices like tablets and touch-capable Ultrabooks. It will incorporate apps and scenarios tailored to touch-based environments and devices. The initial version will run on the Windows 8 environment formerly known as Metro.

Our current plan is to release an informal design overview later this month. We then hope to have a preview version of TouchXPRT available to community members in October. Depending upon feedback, we will work on improvements and fixes through January with a release in February. We will have more details in the forums and in blog entries over the next few weeks.

As always, we need feedback and input from the community. If you are not currently a member, now is the time to join so you can participate in specifying and developing TouchXPRT. We are excited about both the benchmark and this emerging product space. We hope you are, too!

I do have one thing to mention about HDXPRT 2012. Please remember that we are going to do a Webinar next week (Tuesday, 9/18 at 2:00pm ET). We plan to discuss HDXPRT 2012 and have plenty of time for questions from attendees. We’d love for you to join, learn more about the benchmark, and give us your thoughts and feedback. We will send out more details to community members in an email later this week.


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