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Discussing the future

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, we’ve begun the HDXPRT 2012 development cycle by asking for suggestions. Before we get much further in the process, we’d like an opportunity to talk with you more directly. The best way to do that is via a webinar.

I’ll be hosting an HDXPRT webinar this coming Friday, October 14 at 2:00pm EST. I’m hoping you’ll be able to join us. I’ll go over the progress we’ve made this year in the HDXPRT Development Community, talk about the HDXPRT 2011 source code we recently released to members, and discuss the roadmap for the development cycle of HDXPRT 2012 that is just starting.

We really want your feedback on the current benchmark and your input on future directions. I encourage you to attend the webinar and let us know your ideas and suggestions. I expect the webinar will last about 45 minutes, depending upon the questions people have. We will be sending out email invitations to members shortly. If you have not joined the community, please do so now (at and we will get you an invitation as well.

We know you may be unable to make the scheduled time, so we’ll post the webinar when it is over, as we have done in the past (

We value your input and participation in the HDXPRT benchmark process and look forward to your joining us later this week for the webinar. “See” you there!


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