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Category: HDXPRT 2014

A new HDXPRT 2014 build is available

Today, we’re releasing a new build of HDXPRT 2014 (v1.3) that eliminates the need for workarounds when testing with the Windows 10 Creators Update. The new build is available for download at Please note that the app package is 5.09 GB, so allow time and space for the download process. This build contains the [...]

HDXPRT: see how your Windows PC handles media tasks

Over the last several weeks, we reminded readers of the capabilities and benefits of TouchXPRT, CrXPRT, and BatteryXPRT. This week, we’d like to highlight HDXPRT. HDXPRT, which stands for High Definition Experience & Performance Ratings Test, was the first benchmark published by the HDXPRT Development Community, which later became the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community. HDXPRT evaluates [...]

Looking under the hood

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll publish the source code and build instructions for the latest HDXPRT 2014 and BatteryXPRT 2014 builds. Access to XPRT source code is one of the benefits of BenchmarkXPRT Development Community membership. For readers who may not know, this a good time to revisit the reasons we make the [...]

A new HDXPRT 2014 build is available

Last fall, we identified a way to run HDXPRT 2014, originally developed for Windows 8, on Windows 10. The method involved overwriting the HDXPRT CPU-Z files with newer versions and performing a few additional pre-test configuration steps. You can read more details about those steps here. Today, we’re releasing a new build of HDXPRT 2014 [...]

An anniversary update

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update release is scheduled for August 2, and we’ve been running the XPRTs on the Windows Insider preview builds. While we can’t publish performance data from developer builds, we’re happy to say that WebXPRT and TouchXPRT run well on the Anniversary Update. The story for HDXPRT 2014 is more complicated. Back [...]

Windows 10 upgrade?

We’ve gotten reports that HDXPRT 2014 no longer works on newer versions of Windows 10. We ran tests in our labs and found that to be true. At least one user has reported that the problem may be the version of CPU-Z the benchmark uses. We’re working to track down the problem and hope to [...]

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