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Category: HDXPRT 2014

Back to Barcelona

It’s time for one of Bill’s favorite shows of the year. Mobile World Congress (MWC) starts Monday in Barcelona. Talking about technology in Barcelona, now that’s a plum assignment! Bill’s got a lot to talk about. Since last year’s MWC, here’s some of what’s happened: We released two new benchmarks to the public, BatteryXPRT 2014 [...]

Has it only been a month?

Operating systems will continue to evolve. Whether you consider that a promise or a threat, it’s a fact. Those who write software know the day will come when it’s running in an environment that did not exist when you wrote it. Sometimes you get lucky. WebXPRT, for example, has sailed through the release of new [...]

HDXPRT 2014 source code is now available

As mentioned in the XPRT blog, we are making the source code available to community members. Download the HDXPRT 2014 source here. We’re also posting HDXPRT build instructions in the Members Area. If you want more information, please contact We look forward to your feedback! Justin Comment on this post in the forums

HDXPRT 2014 source code coming soon

We’ve really been enjoying the smaller size and quicker install and runtimes of HDXPRT 2014, and we encourage you to give the benchmark a try if you haven’t already! Within the next week or so, we’ll make the HDXPRT 2014 source code available to BenchmarkXPRT Development Community members. Part of what makes the XPRT community [...]

An HDXPRT 2014 update

After the HDXPRT 2014 release last week, we discovered a new issue. During installation, if network connections were active, Windows SmartScreen would pop up with a message that said, “Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting…” If network connections were disabled, a popup would say, “Windows SmartScreen can’t be reached right now.” Even after [...]

HDXPRT 2014 is here!

Today we formally released HDXPRT 2014. The BenchmarkXPRT Development Community has been using a community preview for several weeks now. Now that we’ve released the benchmark, anyone may freely use it. HDXPRT 2014 address the most common comments we had about the previous versions. It is a much smaller and faster benchmark. Instead of taking [...]

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