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Category: Automation

WebXPRT 2015 Community Preview is available!

As we said yesterday, we’re releasing the community preview of a WebXPRT 2015 Community Preview. Members of the BenchmarkXPRT community can now run the community preview and publish results. Run the community preview here. After trying out the community preview, please send in your comments. Either post them to the forum or mail them to [...]


We’re releasing the community preview of WebXPRT 2015 tomorrow. We’re very excited that it’s finally here. In the past few weeks, we’ve discussed some of the new features in WebXPRT 2015, such as test automation, its new and improved tests, and its Chinese UI. We think you’re really going to enjoy the new WebXPRT. The [...]

More power, more control

As I said last week, the community preview for WebXPRT 2015 is coming up soon. One of the changes that will be exciting to anyone who does a lot of testing is that we made it simpler to automate WebXPRT tests. WebXPRT 2015 will let you automatically select any set of tests you want to [...]

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