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WebXPRT 2015

Tomorrow we’ll be releasing WebXPRT 2015, with mirror site in Singapore to follow soon. We’ve been talking about it for a while and we’re delighted to finally make it available to the public.

As we’ve discussed over the past few weeks, the new WebXPRT is a big improvement over WebXPRT 2013. Some of the changes are

  • An improved UI. In addition to a cleaner, sleeker look, the UI now has a progress indicator and on-screen test descriptions. There is also a Simplified Chinese version of the UI.
  • Test automation. WebXPRT 2015 lets you automate testing, giving labs more flexibility and making it easier to test lots of devices.
  • New and improved tests. In addition to enhancing the existing tests, WebXPRT 2015 adds two new tests, Explore DNA Sequencing and Sales Graphs.


If you haven’t checked out the new WebXPRT, now is the time!

And remember the design document for the next generation of MobileXPRT should be out by the end of the month. If there are things you would like to see, it’s a great time to let us know.


WebXPRT 2015 Community Preview is available!

As we said yesterday, we’re releasing the community preview of a WebXPRT 2015 Community Preview. Members of the BenchmarkXPRT community can now run the community preview and publish results.

Run the community preview here.

After trying out the community preview, please send in your comments. Either post them to the forum or mail them to If you mail information that’s of interest to the entire community, we may post an anonymous version of the comments to the forum.

Thanks for being part of the community,



We’re releasing the community preview of WebXPRT 2015 tomorrow. We’re very excited that it’s finally here. In the past few weeks, we’ve discussed some of the new features in WebXPRT 2015, such as test automation, its new and improved tests, and its Chinese UI. We think you’re really going to enjoy the new WebXPRT.

The design document (login required) specifies that WebXPRT will contain an experimental workload. That workload is not in the community preview, although we plan for it to be in the general release. However, because any experimental workloads are not included in the overall score, this will not affect any results you generate.

We’re also investigating the use of the JavaScript navigator object to improve system disclosure, but we are still determining if we can get reliable enough information to display. So this information is not displayed in the community preview.

As with all the BenchmarkXPRT community previews, we’re not putting any publication restrictions on this preview release. Test at will, and publish your findings. We guarantee the results for the community preview will be comparable to results from the general release.

If you’re not a community member, join us and check out the new WebXPRT.


More power, more control

As I said last week, the community preview for WebXPRT 2015 is coming up soon. One of the changes that will be exciting to anyone who does a lot of testing is that we made it simpler to automate WebXPRT tests.

WebXPRT 2015 will let you automatically select any set of tests you want to run. However, as always, you must run the entire suite of tests to get an overall score. Although the community preview will not include any experimental tests, the automation includes control for those future tests as well.

You may choose from several output formats: HTML table, XML, and CSV, or you can download the results as a text file.

Using the automation is simple: you just append the desired test parameters to the end of the URL. The format allows you to mix and match a lot of options, while still being very concise. The details will be in the release notes.

As people who test a lot of devices, we are very excited about this new capability.


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