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Category: WebXPRT 2013 results

How we do it

In the modern world, we’re awash in statistics and it’s interesting how they sometimes contradict each other. In this season, polls are an obvious example. They seldom agree and sometimes, as in the case of Brexit, they can be spectacularly wrong. The real world is complicated and there are many ways to look at the [...]

It’s not the same

We sometimes get questions about comparing results from older versions of benchmarks to the current version. Unfortunately, it’s never safe to compare the results from different versions of benchmarks. This principle has been around much longer than the XPRTs. A major update will use different workloads and test data, and will probably be built with [...]

Extreme makeover

Last week, we unveiled redesigned Web pages for BenchmarkXPRT. We’ve been working on this redesign for a while. We think you’ll find the pages to be a lot sleeker and more attractive. The HDXPRT page, for example, is far less cluttered and easier to navigate. There’s a new white papers page. The members’ area has [...]

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

No one knows who first said “lies, damned lies, and statistics,” but it’s easy to understand why they said it. It’s no surprise that the bestselling statistics book in history is titled How to Lie with Statistics. While the title is facetious, it is certainly true that statistics can be confusing—consider the word “average,” which [...]

Loose ends

As we mentioned last week, the Samsung debuted the Galaxy S4 this past week. It seems to have hit all the expectations – including eye-scrolling. Looking at the reviews, it’s somewhere between the greatest phone ever made and something not quite as good as the iPhone. I’m looking forward to seeing one for myself and [...]

What a week!

This has been quite a week for the BenchmarkXPRT family. We kicked off the week by announcing a new benchmark: PhoneXPRT. PhoneXPRT is designed to test small form factor devices, such as smart phones.  PhoneXPRT will initially run on Android. For more information, read the press release at There was more to come. Today [...]

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