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I saw an article earlier this week about Japan’s K Computer, the latest computer to be designated the “fastest supercomputer” in the world.  Twice a year (June and November), the Top500 list comes out.  The list’s publishers consider the highest scoring computer on the list as the fastest computer in the world.  The first article [...]

Knowing when to wait

Mark mentioned in his blog entry a few weeks ago that waiting sucks.  I think we can all agree with that sentiment.  However, an experience I had while in Taipei for Computex made me reevaluate that thinking a bit.   I went jogging one morning in a park near my hotel.  It was a relatively [...]

Waiting sucks

You know it does.  Time is the most precious commodity, the one thing you can never get back.  So when someone or something makes you wait, it sucks. It particularly sucks when you have to wait on your PC.  It’s your computer, after all, and it should do the work and be quick about it. [...]

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