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Author Archives: Bill Catchings

TouchXPRT’s future

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that we’ve been reviewing each part of the XPRT portfolio. If you missed our discussions of HDXPRT, BatteryXPRT, WebXPRT, and CrXPRT, we encourage you to check them out and send us any thoughts you may have. This week, we continue that series by discussing the state of [...]

CES 2017

I’ve attended many tech shows over the years, but this year’s CES has more energy than any I’ve attended in a long time. Part of the energy is the breadth of products. There are amazingly slim TVs that make my TV at home, which I thought was slim, look fat. And, there are beautiful 8K [...]

Principled Technologies and the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community announce new effort to evaluate machine learning performance

Durham, NC – Principled Technologies (PT) and the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community, which PT administers, are pleased to announce an initiative to develop a new tool for evaluating systems’ machine learning performance. Machine learning is a disruptive technology that has the potential to influence a broad range of industries. While there are many available consumer and [...]

Creating a machine-learning benchmark

Recently, we wrote about one of the most exciting emerging technology areas, machine learning, and the question of what role the XPRTs could play in the field. Experts expect machine learning to be the analytics backbone of the IoT data explosion. It is a disruptive technology with potential to influence a broad range of industries. [...]

WebXPRT in 2017

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed the future of HDXPRT and BatteryXPRT. This week, we’re discussing what’s in store for WebXPRT in 2017. WebXPRT is our most popular tool. Manufacturers, developers, consumers, and media outlets in more than 350 cities and 57 countries have run WebXPRT over 113,000 times to date. The benchmark runs [...]

Machine learning

A couple months ago I wrote about doing an inventory of our XPRT tools. Part of that is taking a close look at the six existing XPRTs. The first result of that effort was what I recently wrote about HDXPRT. We’re also looking at emerging technology areas where the BenchmarkXPRT Community has expertise that can [...]

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