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Category: HDXPRT 2012

Back in September

Back in September, we made a prerelease version of a patch to let HDXPRT run on Windows 8. (See Working towards Windows 8.) We’ve been testing the final version of the patch and hope to release it in the next few days. We wanted to give you a heads up that there are a few differences [...]

Looking for a winner

This week, PT published its first two public reports using HDXPRT 2012: Performance comparison: Dell Latitude E5430 vs. HP ProBook 4440s and Performance comparison: Dell Latitude E5430 vs. Lenovo ThinkPad L430. You should check them out. Of course, you can find the HDXPRT results from these reports in the HDXPRT 2012 results database along with [...]

Make sure your voice is heard

One thing about the community model we use for developing HDXPRT is that is depends on the community. Your input is essential to making the benchmark the best it can be. As the community grows, we’re learning more about your priorities. During the development of HDXPRT 2012, we made the decision to remove the playback [...]

What you’re going to need

We’re planning to release the source code for HDXPRT 2012 soon after we release the update for Windows 8, probably in mid-November. The source code will be freely available to the members of the community. In preparation for that, here’s some information about what you’ll need to build the benchmark. As we’ve discussed before, HDXPRT [...]

Working towards Windows 8

This past Wednesday, Bill hosted a Webinar to discuss HDXPRT 2012. He covered a lot of material. We’ll make a recording of it available on the site fairly soon. During the Webinar, Bill mentioned that we’re working on a patch to let HDXPRT run on Windows 8. We have begun testing this patch. However, given [...]

Growing the community

Growing the community It’s probably stating the obvious to say that what makes the XPRT Development Community work is the people. The more people there are in the community, the better the resulting benchmarks will be. Naturally, that means we want more people in the community. Part of PT’s role in building the community is [...]

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