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News on AIXPRT development

A few weeks ago, we described some of the new features that we’re considering for AIXPRT, and asked community members if they preferred one of two possible development approaches: (1) issuing a third community preview (CP3) in advance of a later general availability (GA) release, or (2) publishing a GA release right away, to which we would add features over the subsequent months.

After discussing this with members if the community, we decided to issue a CP3 first and follow it up with the GA release. We’re in the process of testing several additional frameworks and test configurations, and although these additions are unlikely to affect test results from the currently supported configurations, we think it’s best to allow plenty of time for testers to evaluate the build and send us their feedback.

With CP3, our goal is to add the following new features (in addition to existing CP2 capabilities):

  • TensorRT framework support for existing workloads
  • MXNet framework support for the Wide and Deep workload

Development timelines can always shift due to unforeseen issues, but we aim to release CP3 in the first part of August and follow up with the GA release approximately one month later.

If you have any questions about the AIXPRT development process, please let us know!


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