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The WebXPRT 3 Community Preview is here!

Today we’re releasing the WebXPRT 3 Community Preview (CP). As we discussed in the blog last month, in the new version of WebXPRT, we updated the photo-related workloads with new images and a new deep learning task for the Organize Album workload. We also added an optical character recognition task to the Local Notes workload and combined a portion of the DNA Sequence Analysis scenario with a writing sample/spell check scenario to simulate an online homework hub in the new “Online Homework” workload.

Also, longtime WebXPRT users will immediately notice a completely new, but clean and straightforward, UI. We’re still tweaking aspects of the UI and implementing full functionality for certain features such as social media sharing and German language translation, but we don’t anticipate making any significant changes to the overall test or individual workloads before the general release.

As with all community previews, the WebXPRT 3 CP is available only to BenchmarkXPRT Development Community members, who can access the link from the WebXPRT tab in the Members’ Area.

After you try the WebXPRT 3 CP, please send us your comments. Thanks and happy testing!


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