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Category: HDXPRT workloads

What to do with all the times

HDXPRT, like most other application-based benchmarks, works by timing lots of individual operations. Some other benchmarks just time the entire script. The downside of that approach is that the time includes things that are constant regardless of the speed of the underlying hardware. Some things, like how fast a menu drops down or text scrolls, [...]

Scoring with HDXPRT

Two weeks ago, I began explaining how benchmarks keep score ( HDXPRT 2011 fundamentally measures the time a PC required to complete a series of tasks, such as editing photos and converting videos from one format to another. It uses the times of three sets of tasks to come up with three use case times [...]

Anatomy of a benchmark, part II

As we discussed last week, benchmarks (including HDXPRT 2011) are made up of a set of common major components. Last week’s components included the Installer, User Interface (UI), and Results Viewer.  This week, we’ll look more at the guts of a benchmark—the parts that actually do the performance testing. Once the UI gets the necessary [...]

Waiting sucks

You know it does.  Time is the most precious commodity, the one thing you can never get back.  So when someone or something makes you wait, it sucks. It particularly sucks when you have to wait on your PC.  It’s your computer, after all, and it should do the work and be quick about it. [...]

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