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A note about a recent CrXPRT update

A tester from Acer recently contacted us about an issue where CrXPRT was freezing indefinitely during the Photo Effects workload. We initially thought the problem was limited to a specific hardware platform or Chrome OS version, but soon discovered the issue was affecting all CrXPRT tests, regardless of the system.

After quite a bit of troubleshooting, we were able to find and fix what turned out to be simple bug. The problem started with a change we made to increase security and strengthen compliance with GDPR by moving all our web pages to HTTPS. Specifically, we added a redirect that forced to Chrome apps have a manifest property that defines which websites can connect to the application. Because we hadn’t reconfigured the CrXPRT path permissions to account for the new redirect, the test failed. We made the necessary edits to the manifest, tested the fix, and uploaded the updated package (build number to the Chrome Web Store.

If you’re still encountering this problem during testing, check to be sure the app has updated on your system. The changes we made do not affect performance, and all completed CrXPRT test scores from before and after the update are valid and comparable.

We’re grateful whenever community members report issues! If you ever have any problems, questions, or comments regarding any of the XPRTs, please feel free to contact us.


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