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How the XPRTs handle your data

Data privacy is a hot topic in the news these days. In an ideal world, all applications and websites that have access to users’ sensitive personal information would treat that information with respect. Users could be confident that their data would not be abused, secretly transmitted to third parties, or used as a launchpad for extensive violations of their privacy.

In the real world, the situation is often quite different, but not with the XPRTs. Just as we strive for transparency during the benchmark development process, we try to be completely upfront regarding how we handle your personal data. We’re committed to the principle that your personal information belongs to you and no one else. We don’t gather, store, or disseminate any of your data without your knowledge and consent, and we never try to trick you with misleading terms or pages of legal jargon that few will ever read. We take that commitment very seriously.

To join the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community, you need to provide only your first and last name, corporate affiliation, and valid email address. These pieces of information form your profile, which other members of the community can view only if you choose to participate in the BenchmarkXPRT forum. We will not share your profile information, or even the fact that you are a member, with anyone outside the community. If you do not participate in the forum, even other community members will not know you are a member.

For the XPRT apps, we gather data only for the purposes of ensuring quality and improving the benchmark. Two apps—WebXPRT and CrXPRT—collect test results and some data about the browser and device that produced those results. While we may refer to high and low scores or averages in the materials we publish, we will never make an individual WebXPRT result public unless the tester requests we do so. These apps report no identifying personal or corporate data, or any other potentially confidential information.

None of the remaining XPRT apps—BatteryXPRT, HDXPRT, MobileXPRT, and TouchXPRT—collect any data. When an individual runs one of these apps, we see no information or results unless they submit a result for publication or send us a direct message mentioning the result. This makes the XPRTs ideal for pre-production OEM testing because there’s no risk of model or performance information leaking to the press after automatically appearing on a benchmark’s website.

You can read more about how we handle your data on our privacy policy page. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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