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Taking a detour

Back in April, Bill announced that we would be starting development of a cross-platform benchmark. This announcement generated a lot of interest and we got lots of good feedback and ideas.

We knew from the start that getting a cross-platform benchmark right would be hard. However, it proved to be even trickier than we thought. As I explained before, benchmarks not only have to run well, but the results must be fair to all platforms involved. Achieving both of these requirements has been a challenge.

At the same time we’ve been devoting a great deal of effort and resources to the cross-platform benchmark, some increasingly popular new use cases have been receiving less attention than they deserve. We’ve decided that the cross-platform benchmark is not the best use of the Community’s resources, and are going to put it on the shelf for a while. This will free up the resources to let us really dig into some newer technologies.

Thanks again to everyone who responded.


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