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An exciting milestone for WebXPRT!

If you’re familiar with the run counter on, you may have noticed that WebXPRT recently passed a pretty significant milestone. Since we released WebXPRT 2013, users running WebXPRT 2013 and 2015 have successfully completed over 100,000 runs!

We’re thrilled about WebXPRT’s ongoing popularity, and we think that it’s due to the benchmark’s unique combination of characteristics: it’s easy to run, it runs quickly and on a wide variety of platforms, and it evaluates device performance using real-world tasks. Manufacturers, developers, consumers, and media outlets in more than 358 cities, from Aberdeen to Zevenaar, and 57 countries, from Argentina to Vietnam, have used WebXPRT’s easy-to-understand results to compare how well devices handle everyday tasks. WebXPRT has definitely earned its reputation as a “go-to” benchmark.

If you haven’t run WebXPRT yet, give it a try. The test is free and runs in almost any browser.

We’re grateful for everyone who’s helped us reach this milestone. Here’s to another 100,000 runs!


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