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XPRT Spotlight: making it happen

This week’s XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight features the Apple iPhone 7, one of the bigger launches in a year of relatively few big phone releases. We like to feature a wide array of devices in Spotlight, but events like the iPhone 7 launch are good opportunities for us to provide quick data for buyers who are considering taking the plunge.

As those of you who need to have the new hot device on the first day know, getting that device can be a trial. Even though we preordered our iPhone 7, last Friday I found myself standing in line at the Apple store for almost two hours. However, that was much shorter than the half-day-plus wait for those who hadn’t ordered ahead.

We also ordered an iPhone 7 Plus. We’ll feature it in Spotlight as soon as it arrives, but we don’t expect it to ship until October.

Have you waited in line for a popular device this year? We’d love to hear your story. As always, if there are any devices that you’d like to see in Spotlight, let us know!


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