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BenchmarkXPRT in China

Last week, we talked about some of the changes we’re making to the BenchmarkXPRT site to make it easier to use. This week, we’d like to talk a bit about improvements we’ve been making to support our users in China.

As you may remember, the first of the XPRTs to have a Chinese UI was BatteryXPRT. We’ve since released WebXPRT 2015 and MobileXPRT 2015, both of which have also have Chinese UIs. We’re also in the process of getting MobileXPRT 2015 listed in several major Chinese app stores. (MobileXPRT 2013 is currently available from Xiaomi and Zhushou 360.)

In other words, we’re always thinking of ways to enhance the XPRT experience for our users in China. To improve download speeds, we’ve long hosted WebXPRT on a mirror site in Singapore. Recently, based on feedback from our users and our own analysis, we’ve changed the way that the privacy notice is displayed on that site. The change allows you to run WebXPRT without loading any Google analytics, which means faster load times for all users.

We will continue to work to improve our localization. This is an area where we can use the help of the community. If you have translation skills and want to contribute the strings for a UI in your language, let us know.


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