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Upping our game

As we wrote last week, we’re releasing MobileXPRT 2015 to the public tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who helped make the community preview a success!

We’re working on the TouchXPRT 2016 design document and will make it available for the community to review soon.

As you know, we’re always investigating initiatives that could improve our game. We’re continuing to investigate creating experimental tests for future XPRTs. Experimental tests will allow us to maintain broad compatibility for each XPRT tool while providing testers with an opportunity to evaluate cutting-edge technologies.

Another initiative involves looking for new partnerships with people who are not yet part of the community, but could add valuable input to the development process. It’s too soon to say much more about this, but we’re having fruitful conversations and hoping that these partnerships will grow the community even more!

If you have ideas about experimental tests, improving the XPRTs, or expanding the community, please let us know.


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