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A new version and a new video

As we said in It’s finally here!, the Android ecosystem is very diverse and we knew that MobileXPRT might have problems on some devices. So far, we have encountered a couple of issues:

  • The Slideshow test failed during post validation check on the Onda tablet.
  • The Zoom-n-pinch test was unstable, failing part of the time, on the Zopo phone

On Friday, we will be releasing MobileXPRT 2013 community preview 1.1 (CP1.1), which fixes these problems. The results from version CP1.1 are comparable to the current community preview. If you have any problems, or questions, please e-mail us at

We will release the source for CP1.1 next week.

In other news, we released a new video this week, BenchmarkXPRT: It’s not a benchmark. In this video, Bill answers some common questions about the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community.  If you’ve ever wondered what exactly BenchmarkXPRT is, or why the world needs more benchmarks, this is the video for you.


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