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Chaos and opportunity

With both E3 and Apple’s WWDC happening this week, there’s been a lot of news. There’s also been a lot of hyperbolic commentary. I am not about to get into the arguments about the PS4 vs. the Xbox One or iOS 7 vs. Android.

It was Tim Cook’s presentation at WWDC that really got my attention. It’s unusual in an executive presentation to focus so much attention on a particular competitor, but Android was clearly on his mind. At one point, he focused harsh attention on fragmentation in the Android market, calling it “terrible” for developers. You can see the video here, at about 74 minutes.

As we saw in the 90s, chaos can breed innovation. At that time, the paradigm was that Macs always worked, but if you wanted the most advanced hardware, you should get a PC. I remember the editors at MacWorld, who deeply, truly loved the Mac, lusting over the (by the standards of the time) small, light, cheap notebooks PC users could get.

That being said, we understand the challenges of developing in the Android market. As I said in It’s finally here!, the Android ecosystem is sufficiently diverse that we know the benchmark will encounter configurations we’ve not seen before. If you have any problems with the MobileXPRT CP, please let us know at We want the benchmark to be the best it can be.


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