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A new benchmark

Hopefully, you caught our press release yesterday: The short form of it is that we (PT and the HDXPRT Development Community) are going to create another benchmark—one aimed at touch-based devices. The obvious place to start will be Windows 8 Metro. Because it is a Windows-based touch platform, the development process should not be too different from work we have done in the past and may even allow us to use some code from HDXPRT. The longer-term goal of going cross-platform will be much more challenging. One step at a time!

Touch-based computing devices and Windows 8 Metro are emerging areas without any good tools for comparing performance. We are all excited at this opportunity to create a benchmark to meet that need and hope you are as well. After all, we will need your help to pull this off!

As I mentioned last week, I will be at CES. I would love to talk with as many of you as possible about the new touch benchmark and HDXPRT 2012. We’ll have a suite at the Hilton and I will be on the show floor checking out the latest gadgets, especially touch devices. Drop us an email at if you would like to stop by the suite or will be working a booth or suite and would like me to stop by. Either way, I’m hoping to see quite a few of you folks there.


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