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A few weeks back, I wrote about different types of results from benchmarks. HDXPRT 2011’s primary metric is an overall score. One of the challenges of a score, unlike a metric such as minutes of battery life, is that it is hard to interpret without context. Is 157 a good score? The use of a calibration, or base, system helps a bit, because if that system has a score of 100, then a 157 is definitely better. Still, two scores do not give you a lot of context.

To help make comparisons easier, we are releasing a set of results from our testing at With the results viewer we’ve provided, you can sort the results on a variety of fields and filter them for matching text. We’ve include results from our beta testing and our results white papers.

We’ll continue to add results, but we want to invite members of the HDXPRT Development Community to do the same. We would especially like to get any results you have published on your Web sites. Please submit your results using this link: We’ll give them a sanity check and then include them in the results viewer. Thanks!


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