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Looking deeper into results

A few weeks ago, I mentioned some questions we had about graphics performance using HDXPRT 2011 after releasing our results white paper. The issue was that HDXPRT 2011 gave results I had not expected—the integrated graphics outperformed discrete graphics cards. I suspected that this was both because HDXPRT 2011’s lack of 3D work lessens the advantage of discrete graphics cards and because the integrated graphics on the second-generation Intel Core processors we used performed well.

We ran some tests with discrete graphics cards on an older processor (an Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q6600) and report our findings in a second results white paper. My suspicions were correct: On the older processor, the discrete graphics cards performed 21 to 36 percent better than the integrated graphics.

As an aside, we are looking into putting our test results on the Web site in some easy-to-access fashion so you can look at them in more detail. My hope is that doing so will facilitate sharing of results among all of us in the HDXPRT Development Community.

Based on this second results white paper, I would love to hear your responses to two questions. First, do you think that future versions of HDXPRT should include 3D graphics? Second, what other areas of HDXPRT 2011 would you like to see us look into?


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