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Submit your CloudXPRT results!

We invite and encourage everyone to submit benchmark results from their testing for inclusion in the public results table available here.

Please follow the process below to prepare results for submission:

  1. After completion of a benchmark run, please copy the following items into a folder for submission:

    Web microservices workload

    • The CSV results file located at CloudXPRT_vXXX_web-microservices/cnbrun/output/autoloader_mc_YYYYMMDD_*.csv.
    • The log files located at CloudXPRT_vXXX_web-microservices/cnbrun/output/autoloader_mc_YYYYMMDD_*.log.
    • The input run configuration file located at CloudXPRT_vXXX_web-microservices/cnbrun/config.json.

    Data analytics workload

    • The CSV results file generated at CloudXPRT_vXXX_data-analytics/cnbrun/results.csv, which was generated by the command line –./ | sed -e 's/\s\+/,/g' > results.csv.
    • The log files generated at CloudXPRT_vXXX_ data-analytics/cnbrun/output/autoloader_xgboost_all_ YYYYMMDD_*.log.
    • The input run configuration file located at CloudXPRT_vXXX_data-analytics/cnbrun/cnb-analytics_config.json.
  2. Fill out the required fields in the SystemInfo.csv sheet found in the root directory of each installation package. We collect this information to make it possible for others to reproduce the test and confirm that they get similar numbers.
  3. If any scripts, models, or files are customized for result generation, please describe these changes in the SystemInfo.csv file.
  4. Please zip up the system information CSV, results CSV, logs, and run configuration file and email the zip file as an attachment to the BenchmarkXPRT Community Administrator at the email address
  5. Use "CloudXPRT Results Submission" as the subject for your email.
  6. Do not forget to specify in the email’s body your company name and name of the person responsible for the test.
  7. Please make sure the email reply-to address you specify is a valid reply address inside your organization.
  8. Due to the complexity of CloudXPRT tests, and to be as transparent and accurate as possible with our published results, we may ask follow-up questions about the tests and/or system configuration.
  9. We will verify the tester’s identity and validate the results before publishing them to the public database.
  10. We will notify you if we publish your results.

Thank you! We look forward to your submission.

CloudXPRT results submission and review schedule

Submission deadline:Tuesday 1/17/23
Publication date:Tuesday 1/31/23
Submission deadline:Tuesday 2/14/23
Publication date:Tuesday 2/28/23
Submission deadline:Friday 3/17/23
Publication date:Friday 3/31/23
Submission deadline:Friday 4/14/23
Publication date:Friday 4/28/23
Submission deadline:Wednesday 5/17/23
Publication date:Wednesday 5/31/23
Submission deadline:Friday 6/16/23
Publication date:Friday 6/30/23
Submission deadline:Monday 7/17/23
Publication date:Monday 7/31/23
Submission deadline:Thursday 8/17/23
Publication date:Thursday 8/31/23
Submission deadline:Friday 9/15/23
Publication date:Friday 9/29/23
Submission deadline:Tuesday 10/17/23
Publication date:Tuesday 10/31/23
Submission deadline:Thursday 11/16/23
Publication date:Thursday 11/30/23
Submission deadline:No submissions
Publication date:No publication

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