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Category: MobileXPRT 2015

Running Android-oriented XPRTs on Chrome OS

Since last summer, we’ve been following Google’s progress in bringing Android apps and the Google Play store to Chromebooks, along with their plan to gradually phase out support for Chrome apps over the next few years. Because we currently offer apps that assess battery life and performance for Android devices (BatteryXPRT and MobileXPRT) and Chromebooks [...]

BatteryXPRT’s future

A few weeks ago, we discussed the future of HDXPRT. This week, we’re focusing on the current state of BatteryXPRT 2014 for Android, and how the benchmark may evolve in 2017. BatteryXPRT continues to provide users with reliable evaluations of their Android device’s performance and battery life under real-world conditions. Originally designed to be compatible [...]

The big weekend is almost here!

A few weeks ago, I talked about the XPRT Women Code-a-Thon. Well, all the work that we and our friends at ChickTech Seattle have done is about to pay off! On Saturday, March 12, dozens of women will go to the Sole Repair Shop in Seattle for two days of coding, good food, and networking [...]

An update on TouchXPRT 2016

We’ll be releasing the MobileXPRT 2015 white paper tomorrow. It contains lots of information about MobileXPRT 2015 that you won’t find anywhere else. We hope you’ll find it very informative. A couple of weeks ago, we released the design document for TouchXPRT 2016 (login required). This week, we put the first build of TouchXPRT 2016 [...]

MobileXPRT 2015 source code and TouchXPRT 2016 Design Overview are available

We’re excited to announce that the MobileXPRT 2015 source code and TouchXPRT 2016 Design Overview are now available to community members! Download the MobileXPRT 2015 source here (login required). Download the MobileXPRT 2015 build instructions here (login required). Download the TouchXPRT 2016 Design Overview here (login required). We also posted links to all three items [...]

The benefits of membership

We have a couple of goodies for community members coming tomorrow. The TouchXPRT 2016 design overview will tell you what we’re planning for the upcoming community preview. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed ideas. Let us know if the design overview omits anything you’d like to see in the benchmark. The MobileXPRT 2015 source code and [...]

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