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CES day 1

It’s Wednesday night as I’m writing this. CES started in earnest today, and I had a really great day. I saw a lot of cool technology. I really liked the TVs. As I tweeted earlier today, I’m not sure that real life looks that good! That being said, the Ferrari was probably my favorite.

CES Ferrari

I’m not yet convinced about having the family calendar on a tablet embedded in the refrigerator. However, several earnest people made a very good case for it.

This morning PT announced a new program called the XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight. This is a new way for device vendors and manufacturers to share verified results with buyers around the world. I was happy to talk with a number of different vendors about it and about the XPRTs.

I’ve also met with some community members while I’ve been here. It’s always great to hear from the community, but there’s nothing like being able to sit and talk. The conversations raised some interesting issues, and I’ll be writing about them in future blog posts.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the show!


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