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XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight lets device makers share verified results with consumers

Durham, NC, January 6 –Principled Technologies (PT) is pleased to announce the XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight, a new way for device vendors and manufacturers to share verified results with buyers around the world.

Every week, XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight will feature a different tech device and post its PT-verified BenchmarkXPRT performance results and specs online, so buyers everywhere will have the facts they need to make smart buying decisions.

Firms interested in showcasing their products can send their devices to PT for testing. PT will showcase devices to let buyers know how the devices fared. For more information, please contact or send your device to:

XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight c/o
Principled Technologies
1007 Slater Road, Suite 300
Durham, NC, 27703

XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight will make it easier for consumers to shop for a new laptop, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Results for the debut device will appear in the first week of February at

About Principled Technologies, Inc.
Principled Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of technology marketing and learning & development services. It administers the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community.

Principled Technologies, Inc. is located in Durham, North Carolina, USA. For more information, please visit

Company Contact
Eric Hale
Principled Technologies, Inc.
1007 Slater Road, Suite #300
Durham, NC 27703

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