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Some community members reported that, on some systems, the TouchXPRT Create Slideshow from Photos workload was taking a long time to complete.  We found that the output video does not correctly render when this happens. This affects both TouchXPRT 2014 and TouchXPRT 2016.

So far we have only seen this problem on systems with some of the newer AMD graphics drivers. It appears that older AMD drivers and drivers from other vendors do not trigger this behavior.

We are still working to identify the root cause but, in the interim, we are updating the workload to verify its output. This would allow TouchXPRT to detect this problem when it occurs and report an error. We expect to have new CP of TouchXPRT 2016 with this fix next week.

For those in the US, I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Among the many things I’m thankful for this year is all the help and support from the community. We could not do it without you.


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