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We haven’t mentioned this in a while

I had a conversation with a community member yesterday who wanted to know whether we would test his device with one of the XPRTs. The short answer is “Absolutely!” The somewhat longer answer follows.

If you send us a device you want us to test, we will do so, with the appropriate set of XPRTs, free of charge. You will know that an impartial, third-party lab has tested your device using the best benchmarking practices. After we share the results with you, you will have three options: (1) to keep the results private, (2) to have us make the results public immediately in the appropriate XPRT results databases, or (3) to delay releasing the results until a future date. Regardless of your choice, we will keep the device so that we can use it as part of our testbed for developing and testing future versions of the XPRTs.

When we add the results to our online databases, we will cite Principled Technologies as the source, indicating that we stand behind the results.

The free testing includes no collateral beyond publishing the results. If you would like to publicize them through a report, an infographic, or any of the other materials PT can provide, just let us know and the appropriate person will contact you to discuss the how much those services would cost.

If you’re interested in getting your device tested for free, contact us at


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