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Impressed and Excited

A couple of weeks ago we talked about some initiatives we’ve been exploring. This week, we’re happy to be able to talk about a new project. We’re sponsoring a senior project with the computer science department at North Carolina State University (NCSU).

As part of their education, small teams of seniors work with local companies on various programming projects. The students are expected to put significant time into these projects, and the tasks aren’t easy. You can get a sense of the range and complexity of these projects by looking at past project proposals.

We submitted a proposal for creating an experimental benchmark test to NCSU and they accepted it and assigned us a team of students. I’ve met a couple of times now with them. I’m impressed and very excited about what they’re going to do. We’re not ready to talk about the project yet, but if they’re successful, we’ll make the new test available on the BenchmarkXPRT site. We might even include it in a future XPRT!

Our hope is that if this project is successful, we can replicate it at other schools and help train the next generation of benchmark developers. As a bonus, the BenchmarkXPRT community will get some fresh perspectives and some new experimental test tools.


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