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Get the 411 on WebXPRT 2015

We’re publishing the WebXPRT 2015 white paper tomorrow. It contains lots of information about WebXPRT 2015 that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to explaining what the tests do, the test descriptions detail the particular aspects of Web browsing performance that the test stresses.

The white paper also contains a list of the third-party libraries that WebXPRT uses, what those libraries do, and where you can find them.  It also lists the HTML 5 capabilities that WebXPRT 2015 requires. And, as in past XPRT white papers, we include a spreadsheet showing how the benchmark calculates its results. There’s a lot of information, so check it out!

Meanwhile, we’re hard at work on MobileXPRT 2015.  The Android M Developer Preview 2 hasn’t presented any new problems, so things are looking good. I expect to have more details about the upcoming MobileXPRT 2015 community preview soon!


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