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If you’ve checked out the MobileXPRT and WebXPRT pages recently, you’ve probably noticed that the number of results has started to grow. The results are coming from three sources:

  • Internal testing at PT.
  • Results submitted by the public.
  • Results published on the Web. We link back to the source from these results. Results published on-line include results in reports PT publishes for clients and reviews by other parties.

While we are excited about the growing number of results, we do sanity check them. We compare the results with other runs for the same device when available, or with similar devices if not.

The source code for the benchmarks is available, and we encourage experimentation. However, it should go without saying that valid runs must come from the builds of the benchmarks the development community has published. We can’t compare two results generated by different builds.

That being said, if you change the code and get an interesting result, by all means do contact us. You may have discovered something that we’ll want to include in a future version

Keep the results coming and keep experimenting!


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