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HDXPRT 2012 Media Benchmark Now Available

The HDXPRT Development Community, which Principled Technologies (PT) administers, is pleased to announce the release of the HDXPRT 2012 benchmark.

HDXPRT 2012 is a benchmark for evaluating the capabilities of PCs in consumer digital media usages.

Because people use their systems so differently, HDXPRT 2012 lets you look at your system’s performance for a number of different uses. While HDXPRT 2011 combined all media creation into a single score, HDXPRT 2012 expands that to five use cases: Media Organizer, Media Creator, Photo Blogger, Video Producer, and Music Maker. The HDXPRT 2012 design document on our Web site explains these in detail. There is also a total score that combines all of the five cases to give an overall measure of the system’s speed.

HDXPRT 2012 includes more applications than HDXPRT 2011. The four new applications are Audacity 2.0, CyberLink PowerDirector 10, GIMP 2.6.11, and HandBrake/x264 0.9.5.

PT will ship the release discs to all registered HDXPRT Development Community members. Because of its large size, the benchmark is not available for download. Instructions for obtaining the benchmark are at

Members of the HDXPRT Development Community significantly influenced the development of the benchmark by providing feedback on the initial design specifications and participating in Beta testing.

Visit the official HDXPRT Development Community Web site,, to learn how you can participate in the development of future versions of HDXPRT and stay up to date on the latest information regarding the benchmark. The Community also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

HDXPRT, the High Definition eXperience & Performance Ratings Test, is a software tool for evaluating the capabilities of PCs at handling real-world digital media scenarios and common consumer applications. It includes tests for popular consumer usage models such as high-definition video transcoding, high dynamic range (HDR) photo manipulation, as well as mixing and editing music.

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Principled Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of technology marketing and assessment services. The founders, Mark Van Name and Bill Catchings, have worked together in technology assessment for over 25 years. As journalists, they published over a thousand articles on a wide array of technology subjects. They created and led the Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation, which developed such industry-standard benchmarks as stone and WebBench. They have also co-founded or led several other technology testing firms including ZD Labs, eTesting Labs, and VeriTest.

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