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New benchmark to evaluate touch-based devices

Principled Technologies (PT) and the HDXPRT Development Community, which PT administers, are pleased to announce a new touch computing benchmark.

This benchmark, which the community will be developing, will evaluate the capabilities of touch-based computing devices. “As popular as touch-based devices already are,” said Bill Catchings, Chief Technology Officer of PT, “the market is still in its infancy, and today’s offerings differ widely in performance and responsiveness. The new benchmark will provide a fair and consistent basis for comparing tablets and other touch devices.”

Community feedback will shape the new benchmark. The first operating system it will support is Microsoft Windows 8 with Metro, so the development lifecycle of the initial version will be on a fast track. The benchmark’s public release will coincide with the launch of Windows 8.

“We invite all interested parties to participate in the creation, evaluation, and testing of this new benchmark,” Catchings said. Anyone can participate in the Development program by paying a nominal fee ($20) to register as a member of the HDXPRT Development Community. Community members have the opportunity to help shape future versions of both benchmarks. To register for the HDXPRT Development Community and begin participating in the creation process of the new benchmark, go to and select ‘Register for HDXPRT’ in the right-hand navigation menu.

You can learn more about the new benchmark and the HDXPRT Development Community by visiting with us at CES. Bill Catchings will be at the show from Tuesday, January 10 through Friday, January 13 and is available for meetings. For more information or to set up an appointment with him, email us at

To see the latest information on the benchmark’s development, visit

About Principled Technologies, Inc.
Principled Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of fact-based marketing and technology assessment services. The founders, Mark Van Name and Bill Catchings, have worked together in technology assessment for over 25 years. As journalists, they published over a thousand articles on a wide array of technology subjects. They created and led the Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation, which developed such industry-standard benchmarks as Ziff Davis Media’s Winstone and WebBench. They have also co-founded or led several other technology firms including ZD Labs, eTesting Labs, and VeriTest.

Principled Technologies, Inc. is located in Durham, North Carolina, USA. For more information, please visit

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