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Estimated battery life
Est. battery life
Performance score
Perf score
Test mode
GooglePixelbook Go G021A18.00 hours802020-04-15Battery LifePT
SamsungChromebook Plus10.33 hours372020-04-15Battery LifePT
DellChromebook 5190 P28T13.55 hours392020-04-15Battery LifePT
SamsungChromebook Pro11.03 hours682020-04-15Battery LifePT
DellChromebook 1110.83 hours472020-04-15Battery LifePT
ASUSChromebook Flip C302CAN/A442020-04-21PerformancePT
AcerChromebook 15 C91010.95 hours472020-04-22Battery LifePT
LenovoChromebook Duet15.72 hours382020-07-02Battery LifePCMag
AcerSpin 715 ChromebookN/
AcerChromebook 714N/A912020-07-31PerformanceZDNet
ASUSChromebook Flip C434N/A752020-07-31PerformanceZDNet
DellLatitude 5300 Chromebook EnterpriseN/A1132020-07-31PerformanceZDNet
GooglePixelbook GoN/A832020-07-31PerformanceZDNet
LenovoChromebook 100eN/A432020-07-31PerformanceZDNet
LenovoFlex 5 Chromebook8.78 hours942020-10-15PerformancePCWorld
HPElite C1030 Chromebook16.42 hours972020-11-10Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)
ASUSChromebook Flip C436FA15.92 hours992020-11-10Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)
AcerChromebook R 11 CB5-132T-C4LBN/
LenovoIdeaPad Duet Chromebook 10N/
AcerChromebook Spin 311N/A412021-04-13PerformanceTom's Guide
AcerChromebook Spin 51313.17 hours472021-04-19Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)
AcerChromebook Spin 713N/A1602021-06-23PerformanceGizmodo
AcerChromebook Spin 713N/A1642021-08-02PerformanceAndroid Authority
DellChromebook 3100 EducationN/A632021-08-11PerformanceZDNet
LenovoChromebook 3N/A612021-08-11PerformanceZDNet
ASUSChromebook Flip CX5 CX5500FEAN/
AcerChromebook 317N/A722021-09-20PerformanceSmartket (Spain)
AcerChromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-53NFN/
LenovoIdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook (2021)N/
SamsungGalaxy Chromebook GoN/A752021-11-12PerformancePCMag
AcerChromebook 317N/
LenovoFlex 5i ChromebookN/A1442021-11-30PerformanceAndroid Authority
HPChromebook x360 14aN/
ASUSChromebook Flip CX5500FEAN/A1432021-12-06PerformanceExpert Reviews
HPChromebase All-in-One 22N/
ASUSChromebook Flip CM3N/
HPChromebook x2 11N/A522022-02-16PerformanceGood Gear Guide
AcerChromebook Spin 713 (2022)N/
LenovoIdeaPad Duet 5 ChromebookN/A612022-02-25PerformanceAndroid Authority
AcerChromebook Spin 713 (2022)N/A1642022-05-02PerformancePCWorld
HPChromebase 22N/
AcerChromebook 514N/
AcerChromebook 317 (2021)11.68 hours1002022-06-09Battery LifeFrandroid
HPChromebook x2 11N/A522022-06-14PerformancePC-Welt (Germany)
AcerChromebook Spin 713N/A1642022-06-28PerformancePC-Welt (Germany)
AcerChromebook 514N/
LenovoChromebook Duet 3N/
AppleMacBook Pro (2012 - ChromeOS Flex)N/A682022-08-23PerformanceTom's Guide
AcerChromebook 5149.38 hours1522022-09-09Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)
AcerChromebook 51313.63 hours562022-09-09Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)
ASUSChromebook CX115.12 hours1022022-09-09Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)
HPChromebook x360 14c10.58 hours1582022-09-09Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)
LenovoChromebook IdeaPad Flex 5i13.58 hours562022-09-09Battery LifeDISKIDEE (Belgium)

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